Version 0.6 - Released 01.12.2022 - Added like button directly on NFT cards - New API - Live sync of mints & transfers - Collections are now by default sorted by floor price - Bug fixes & quality of life
Version 0.5 - Released 02.11.2022 - Added support for multiminted collections - ERC 1155 - Bug fixes
Version 0.4 - Released 29.09.2022 - Major improvements to the service that fetches database updates to collections & NFT transactions
- Added direct transfer option - transfer NFTs to any wallet address from your profile - Rarity number rankings - Sort by rarity rank - Improved filter logic - numbers in the filter trait section will change based on the listing type selection - The floor price on .market collection pages are now clickable - The attributes on the NFT card now show the total number of items with the same attribute, and they are clickable - Changed the listing duration from 1 to 3 months
- Added a service to automatically fetch collection royalty information - Added terms of service approval to the wallet login - Fixed bug related to sending offers - Bug fixes
Version 0.3 - Released 23.08.2022 - Added filters & sorting to collections Sort by: Creation date Price low to high Price high to low Title A-Z Title Z-A Likes Most sold Recent sale Recent activity Recent listing Filter by: Traits - The metadata properties of each collection Listing type - Auctions / Listed / Not listed - Lowered the suggested gas fees when listing or buying NFTs - Added link options to collection pages. Collections can now add links to Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram & their own website. - On-chain offers improvements - Added the possibility to cancel offers from offers tab in profile - Minor UI improvements and changes - Added new placeholder design for unrevealed NFTs from collections that don’t have their own unrevealed design - Added enter.market to nft-art.finance website - Bugfixes
Version 0.2 - Released 05.08.2022 - Added on-chain offers functionality - Replaced the NFT collection wallet address on the NFT cards with the name of the collection - Added Featured PFP NFTs section on the homepage - Added wrapped Avax to the wallet interface - Added the possibility to wrap & unwrap Avax from the wallet
Version 0.1 - Released 28.07.2022 

- enter.market Beta launch